Thanks for checking out my page!

This Florida girl has always had a love for film and the theatre and have always enjoyed meeting new people and performing.  I started singing in my church and later after thinking of different things I wanted to do when I grew up like being a ballerina, a veterinarian, or owning a pet shop because I love animals, I decided I wanted to try acting.

I started in community theatre and loved it and decided to get my B.A. Degree so I could join a singing group & travel.  I wound up traveling for a summer with a different singing group than I had originally thought I'd audition for and decided that's where my passion lies.

After many years of performing in community theatre, I decided I wanted to try film which opened up a whole new set of opportunities for me and work with some incredibly talented people along the way. Being able to add voiceovers to my list has also given me more areas to work on.

Being a creative person has led me to my most recent work where I do live presentations (live informercials) for different products where I can perform for a different audience on a constant basis. 

Thanks for allowing me to share a little bit about myself with you.  I look foward to helping you with your next project soon.